A Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite is coming in the autumn

If you are thinking about buying a Galaxy S20 model, you should wait a little longer. According to rumors, a successor to the Galaxy S10 Lite is on the way. The extraordinary thing is that the Galaxy S20 Lite could even come with a better processor than the Galaxy S20.

Speculation about another model in the Galaxy S20 series is not new. But now there is growing evidence that Samsung is working on a successor to the Galaxy S10 Lite with a Qualcomm chipset to boost sales figures in the second half of the year.

This is stated in a report by the Korean news portal ETNews. According to the report, the introduction of a cheaper S20 model is an attempt to bring the sales year 2020, which was marked by the corona pandemic, to a good conclusion.

Galaxy S20 Lite with Qualcomm instead of Exynos

The Galaxy S20 Lite could be launched under a different name in October – shortly after the official launch of the new Galaxy Note 20, and the name “Galaxy S20 Fan Edition” has been circulating online for quite some time. We don’t know much about the equipment yet. However, if we adopt the strategic approach in the Galaxy S10 Lite’s design to the S20 series, the Lite model could even come with a better processor.

While Samsung’s own Exynos processors are used in the S20 series in Europe, it is conceivable that Samsung will install a current Qualcomm processor in the Lite model – as in the S10 Lite. After and even before the launch of the Galaxy S20 series, numerous users on the internet complained about the European version of the S20 with an Exynos 990, which couldn’t compete with the performance of Qualcomm’s top chipset Snapdragon 865 in the US models.

I hope that the Galaxy S11 all over the world uses the Snapdragon 865 processor. Exynos 990 cannot compete with it. This is the darkest period of Exynos. It has never been so embarrassing.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce)
December 5, 2019

Depending on which components are used in the new Galaxy S20 Lite next to a Qualcomm processor, the performance could well benefit. At the same time, however, the model will represent a slimmed-down version of the S20 models in terms of camera and display.

Nevertheless, the price of the new S20 model will be a challenge. The Galaxy S10 Lite came on the market at an RRP of €649. By the time the model is released, the flagship models of the S20 series should have experienced another price slump and be available at a much lower price.

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