iOS 14.2: first beta is for music lovers

Only a few hours after the release of iOS 14 Apple released the first beta of iOS 14.2. So far, especially music fans will enjoy this one.

With iOS 14.2 Beta 1, Apple’s developers have made various adjustments to the features for playing and controlling music, podcasts, etc. These changes are primarily visible in the control center or on the lock screen.

For example, the graphics of the currently playing music has grown significantly. A small icon in the lower right corner of the album art also indicates which app the current playback comes from. If nothing is playing at the moment, the overview contains some suggestions to music, podcasts, or other content that you might want to listen to.

The new playback controls also provide suggestions for titles that might be interesting to you. / © MacRumors

The two sliders for controlling the volume and position in the currently playing song have also been reworked. In addition, the dialog no longer shows the remaining time. The elapsed time is now displayed directly below the playhead.

Apple has also updated the AirPlay controls. On iPhone or iPad, an animated symbol now appears as soon as music playback is detected on the current network, for example on a HomePod. If all devices are paused, the icon is also no longer animated. The overview of the available AirPlay devices also received a revised design.

iOS 14.2: New possibilities with Shazam

After the acquisition of Shazam in 2018, Apple has now extended the integration of music recognition a little bit more. While it was previously already possible to ask Siri to recognize the currently playing music, iOS 14.2 now gains a new tile in the control center.

You can use it to start the music detection without Siri. If it detects a running song, a message appears. But the music recognition goes one step further than the solutions known so far.

While up to now it was usually necessary that the music was audible for the smartphone’s microphones, the new Shazam integration can also recognize music from apps – even while you’re wearing headphones. So for example, if you’re listening to a radio station with AirPods in Safari and a song comes on that you want to remember, the new music recognition in the control center can easily identify it.

iOS 14.2 also brings several minor changes, such as a new icon for the Apple Watch app, which now shows the smartwatch with a new solo loop tape. The Magnifier app is also able to recognize people and measure the distance to them.

Besides iOS 14.2 Beta 1, the first developer betas of iPadOS 14.2, watchOS 7.1, and tvOS 14.2 are also available now. Mac users may also install macOS Big Sur 11 beta 7.