xCloud: Microsoft sets launch date for cloud gaming on iOS and PC

After Microsoft announced xCloud for iOS and the PC a few months ago, the manufacturer is now giving a date. When will the game streaming service for iPhones and iPads be available?

By making xCloud available on mobile Apple devices, it will be possible to stream selected games online in the future. The real work will be done by servers and not by the device you’re streaming the game to. According to Microsoft, the service will arrive on iPhone, iPad and PC in spring 2021.

In October, there were reports that Microsoft would resort to a browser-based solution on Apple’s platform to make this possible. At that time, it was still said that the website would be launched in early 2021; the official announcement makes this now a little bit more concrete. PC players will be able to use xCloud via the Xbox app or a browser.

The iOS solution will allow Microsoft to unlock more than a billion additional devices for use with the platform. It promises players a “seamless experience” whether they use an Xbox, PC or smartphone. It said it should make no difference whether you play Minecraft Dungeons with your Xbox friends on an iPhone or play Destiny 2: Beyond Light on a Surface Pro between meetings.

Microsoft’s gaming service xCloud is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is available for around 15 USD per month. According to Microsoft, the service will be expanded to other regions in the coming year. Players in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico will also have access to the Cloud Gaming Beta.

New argument for Xbox Series S/X?

The fact that Microsoft will soon make its game streaming service available under iOS is particularly interesting in view of the new console generations. Because Microsoft’s cheapest new console, the Xbox Series S, profits as a model without a drive especially from the Xbox Game Pass and is already available in stores for €299.

If customers could also stream games on the go via iPhone or iPad, this would be a further argument for Microsoft’s gaming service. But how good the gaming experience will be via the browser solution remains to be seen. Even proprietary solutions such as Google Stadia currently show delays in the input and the quality is still strongly dependent on the used internet connection.

Does this make the new Xbox more attractive for you or does the availability of Xbox under iOS leave you rather cold? Discuss with us in the comments!