Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: S Pen likely to be sold as an optional extra

Samsung is all set to launch the new Galaxy S21 series on January 14. While we already know a lot about the new flagship devices from the Korean electronics major and that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will support the S Pen, folks at WinFuture have revealed that Samsung, in all likelihood will offer the S Pen on the Galaxy S series as an optional extra.

This is because we have fresh pictures of a case designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series that is designed to hold the phone as well as the optional S Pen. We already know from earlier leaks that the Galaxy S 21 series – in all likelihood – doesn’t have a ‘slot’ for the S Pen to be securely stowed away like in the case of the Galaxy Note series.

Anyway, what this essentially means is that the stylus is likely to be sold separately, along with the matching case, which has room for the S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is getting is getting an optional S Pen, making the Galaxy Note series kinda obsolete.

Here’s your first official look at the new Stylus and how Samsung will let you carry it along in the official Clear View and Silicone Covers:

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt)
January 4, 2021

Winfuture goes in to add that the S Pen will probably be available as an optional extra for 40 euros. What remains unclear is if it will be part of a bundle that offers both the carrying case and the stylus being offered as a combo.

Currently, the signs are also very good that the S Pen will work very similar to what you are used to with the Galaxy Note. This means you can use the pen for various purposes that range from a pointing device, a gestures tool or as a remote shutter release button when taking photos. You can also use it for volume control, or to scroll through slides for presentations.

Whether the S Pen will be able to do more new tricks, which covers will be available and at what price, we’ll find out all that on January 14. Because that’s when Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy S21 series.

Galaxy Note obsolete?

The arrival of the Galaxy S21series with support for the S Pen is also a sign of the Galaxy Note series approaching its end. Last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note were already almost indistinguishable from each other, and if the S Pen is no longer a unique selling point in the future, the Galaxy Note will become obsolete. The company has not yet communicated if and how long Samsung will continue the Note series.

However, the advocates of the Note series still have one valid point in the latter’s favour. The ability to store the S Pen within the smartphone body itself is more secure compared to magnetic solutions that Samsung proposes with the new cases and the Galaxy S21 series. Perhaps we might need to wait until the next generation of S Series smartphones to incorporate this one unique aspect of the Note series? Only time will tell.