Only for a short time: Free Apps for iOS & Android

Once a week, we check the Google Play Store and the AppStore for iOS for free apps! In the list below, you will find apps and games that usually cost money but are free at the time of publishing this article.

Tip: Even if you do not need any of these apps right now, it would be a good idea to download them when they are available for free. You can uninstall them later. This way, you can re-download the app for free even if the app goes paid later

Free apps and mobile games for AndroidThese Android apps are currently available for freeGame Booster Premium:(14,99€): Save 15 Euros and improve the performance of your smartphone while playing games. With four stars in the Play Store, the app looks quite promising!
Shortcut Manager(0,69€): With Shortcut Manager, you can pin bookmarks and menus within apps to your home screen.
MultiPro(1,29€): Maybe a big help for hobby videographers: With MultiPro you can control several GoPros at the same time!
Speedometer GPS Pro (0,89€): Already last week there was a GPS speedometer for your bike or car. Since the app has expired, I have a new free version for you.
These Android Mobile Games are free right nowStoffel Würfelblock (0, 59€): Stoffel is basically a new version of the popular Kniffel and with this app, you can record your results right in the app. A digital dice is also on board.
Knife Club: Premium(3,09€)
Free Apps and Mobile Games for iPhone and iPadThese iOS apps are currently available for freeReji – Vocabulary Trainer App (8, 99€): A vocabulary app that supports a total of 48 languages. What’s exciting is that you can save your own vocabulary from movies, Netflix and the internet.
Hibiki2(12,00€ ): A music player that is supposed to improve the sound of music through an up-conversion technology. If the app gets more expensive again, there’s also a free version called “Hibiki2F”.
MathStudio Express(5,49€ ): For all students or science nerds there’s the scientific calculator “MathStudio Express” for free.
Interval Timer □ HIIT Timer(10,99€): If you started the new year with a fresh resolution, you can try the HIIT Timer. With High-Intensity-Interval-Training you have to endure strength-sapping exercises. It gave me the worst muscle soreness of my life just last weekend!
Watch Chat (3,49€): Brings many functions of WhatsApp to your Apple Watch.
Usage: System Widget (2,29€ ): Brings you 17 new widgets that inform you about the state of your smartphone.
The 60 best back exercises (4,49€): Do you always sit like a wet sack in front of your PC after 5 minutes in your home office? Then maybe these 60 back exercises will help you, which are currently free for iOS.
Scan Thing: Scan Anything(6,99€ ): With this powerful scanning app you can scan texts and objects with your iPhone.
These mobile games for iOS are currently freeDrop Attack – AppStore(0,79€ ): Puzzle game in which different stones fall down from above. You have to arrange them correctly afterwards.
Tiny Tanks(1,09€ ): An arcade game in which you chase other players or bots with tanks through an arena.
Puzzle Tierwelt Cardinal Land(2,29€ ): A puzzle app where you have to arrange polygons correctly, which then result in animals.
Fuchstreff Doppelkopf HD(3,49€ ): A Doppelkopf game, where you can even play online against other players.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to track on iOS when an app becomes more expensive again. So if an entry is no longer free, feel free to let me know in the comments. I’ll then look for an alternative and add it to the article.