Realme GT: Flagship phone with Snapdragon 888 officially announced at Shanghai MWC

Chinese smartphone brand Realme earlier today, at Mobile World Congress, Shanghai 2021, showed off its new flagship handset. The new device – called the Realme GT, is powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. Realme also took this launch as an occasion to talk about their “dual-platform dual-flagship” strategy for the mid-range to high-end product lines.

Realme GT with Snapdragon 888 unveiled
The phone will go on sale starting March 4 in China. Launch in other countries to follow soon
Vegan leather variant announced
“Dual-platform dual-flagship” strategy unveiled

China is currently hosting the Chinese edition of the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. Realme took this event as an opportunity to announce the launch of a new smartphone – the  Realme GT. We already talked about the Realme GT in this article. But back then, we did not have complete details about this flagship smartphone. Today, nothing much has changed since the company still hasn’t revealed all the etch specs of the phone in detail.

Pretty much everything you need to know about a fullspeed flagship smartphone in 2021. Tell us which spec you love most! #realmeGT #MWC2021

— realme Europe (@realmeeurope)
February 23, 2021

Even though the tweet from Realme Europe claims that we now know “pretty much everything” about flagship smartphones in 2021, in fact neither this tweet nor the press release reveal too much about the technical specifications of the new model.

The rear panel of the Realme GT  / © Realme
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 on board

While we already know that the Realme GT uses the SD888 chipset, today we know that the phone also features a new cooling system known as the Stainless Steel VC cooling system. This is said to provide better heat dissipation through the use of stainless steel, thus preventing overheating and performance throttling. Besides, the phone also supports 5G networks which does not come across as a surprise/. 

Further, we learn that the Realme GT will also be available in a two-tone variant made of vegan leather, which is also composed of two different materials.

The Realme GT uses vegan leather in this version/ © Realme

On the back, we find the main camera that uses a 64 MP sensor. As of now, we don’t know anything about the other sensors of the triple cameras. The display boasts of 120 Hz refresh rate in contrast to rumours about the likelihood of the device coming with a 160Hz panel. Realme could, however, reserve that for a ‘Pro’ variant of the phone. 

The triple cam of the Realme GT / © Realme

Realme also revealed that they have come up with a new strategy called “Dual-Platform-Dual-Flagship”. Specifically, this means that Realme will use both the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series and the MediaTek Dimensity series as its flagship 5G platform in the future. So the inclined smartphone buyer has a choice: two flagship series, two SoC platforms.

Even without knowing the full spec sheet yet, we can assume that Realme has a highly exciting handset in the pipeline with the GT. In the past, Realme has already impressed us with devices like the Realme X50 Pro – reason enough to look forward to March 4, don’t you think?