Google Pixel 5a: Everything you need to know

The first images and information about the highly anticipated Google Pixel 5a have leaked. That alone is good enough a reason to publish an article about the upcoming smartphone, where we will collect facts and rumors about the smartphone. Do expect continuous updates from time-to-time. 

Successor to the Google Pixel 4a, expected to see a summer launch
Widely tipped to come with a better camera and a larger display
Leaked images of the Pixel 5a and initial information

We’re expecting a mid-range model in the Pixel lineup from Google this year as with previous years, and OnLeaks aka Steve Hemmerstoffer has some interesting information concerning the first renders of the Google Pixel 5a. These renders do indicate that the Pixel 5a will follow the design language of its predecessor by and large, and will see a slight increase in size compared to last year’s Google Pixel 4a 5G.

Before we dive further into the upcoming Google smartphone, let’s take a look at the leaked images:

Google stays true to its design / © voice

The Google Pixel 5a will be slightly larger / © voice

On the back, we see a dual-camera setup / © voice
Google Pixel 5a: Dual-cameras and a 6.2-inch display

Steve Hemmerstoffer has generally not veered too far away from the truth as far as his leaks are concerned, and hence we are stoked to see the Pixel 5a arriving in a 156.2 x 73.2 x 8.8 mm (9.4mm with camera bump) form factor. This translates to a 6.2-inch display which would make it a wee bit larger than the Pixel 4a 5G and obviously bigger than the Pixel 4a. Expect an OLED Full HD+ display.

The bezels remain slim with the chin being a bit more pronounced than usual. There is a punch-hole selfie camera in the top left corner of the display, while the back sees Google migrating to a dual-camera setup. So far, we do not know anything about the camera sensors in the Pixel 5a, but hopefully, they would have moved on from the aging sensors found in its predecessors. 

There will be people who would be happy to find out that the 3.5mm audio port remains available, keeping the rear fingerprint sensor company as part of Google’s design legacy. We are also glad to hear that the stereo speaker configuration is part of the Google Pixel 5a, something that mid-range handsets have begun to ditch these days. Too bad information remains extremely limited as at press time. 

It is important to take note that these are just leaks at the moment, so do take what you read with a pinch of salt until something official rolls out from Google. 

Where is the Pixel 5a headed?

We are unable to see which direction is Google headed with its smartphone portfolio for this year. Last year, the Pixel 4a 5G was sandwiched between the high-end category and the Pixel 4a, hence raising a fair number of eyebrows in the process. 

It remains to be seen how Google intends to position itself this year, although the question can probably only be answered this fall when all models from the Palo Alto-based company are revealed. The Pixel 5a is expected to kick off Google’s smartphone season this year when summer rolls around.  The Google 4a was unveiled in early August 2020, and if history is any indicator, we would be treated to a similar date this year as well.

A point to ponder: what would you think of the Pixel 5a if the released smartphone does indeed match information based on this leak, and what kind of release strategy are you generally hoping to see from Google this year? Image source: Voice/ Montage Article image: NextPit