Android and iOS: 32 apps & games now free for a limited time only

Yet another week has passed by, and here we are with a brand new list of apps and games for both Android and iOS platforms that will be available for free for a limited time only in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Don’t waste any more time and save some money while you’re at it by downloading these recommended apps onto your smartphone.

Our team updates this lists every single week, so if you are reading this article a day after its release, the status of some apps may no longer be free in their respective app stores. At the time of publishing, all of the apps listed here were available for Android and iOS platforms for free. If you know of any apps that are currently free and worth mentioning, let me know in the comments.

Here’s a tip: if you find an interesting app in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game right now, install the app anyway, before uninstalling it from your device. Doing so will make sure that it is already part of your library which you can install for free in the future as and when required.

Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play StoreFree Android productivity apps on the Google Play Store for a limited time only
Portrait Painter ($2.99) – Give your photos a personalized touch by turning them into paintings, with different style and color palette options. (ends Sunday [9])
SUI File Explorer PRO ($1.49) – Manage files and folders on your cell phone, with the option to password protect documents, transfer via Bluetooth, and access external storage devices. (ends Sunday [9])
Home Workouts Gym Pro ($1.49) (includes in-app purchases) – Resume your workout routine without leaving home, with different programs that dispense with the use of equipment. (ends on Tuesday [11])
Temporarily free Android games
A Tale of Little Berry Forest 1: Stone of magic ($0.99) – Overcome various mini-games in this adventure through the forest with hand-drawn graphics.
Dead Bunker 2 HD ($0.99) – Enlist for a task that seemed easy… But it reveals a series of dark experiments in this first-person adventure.
Cooking Speedy Premium ($0.99) (includes ads) – Survive the high emotions of a busy kitchen, take orders and don’t let customers leave unsatisfied.
Ghost Hunter – Idle RPG ($1.49) (includes ads and offers in-app purchases) – Develop your village and protect it from the ghosts that plague the dungeons.
Stickman Legends – Shadow Of Saber ($0.99) (includes ads and offers in-app purchases) – Conquer the world of shadows in this adventure that blends elements of action and RPG.
Stickman Master: League Of Shadow – Ninja Fight ($0.99) (includes ads and offers in-app purchases)- Collect weapons and armor to defeat monsters using your ninja skills.
Superheroes Junior ($0.99) (includes ads and offers in-app purchases) – Take on monsters and use your supernatural powers to collect new heroes, items, and special abilities.
Shadow of Death (R$0.99) (includes ads and offers in-app purchases) – Choose your hero and face the monsters in a world of light and shadow (and special effects). (ends Sunday [9])
Temporarily free iOS apps on the Apple App StoreFree productivity apps for iOS for a limited time only on the Apple App Store
Charger Play ($0.99) – Jealous of the creative charging animations in Android customizations? With this app you’ll have lots of similar themes to use on your iPhone.
Colorize ($4.99) – Turn your family’s old black-and-white records into colorful photos, the process applies AI features to images in the gallery and requires just one click.
Klipped ($0.99) – Type and edit your text without distractions with a minimalist editor.
Our Galaxy ($2.99) – Explore space in three dimensions and get to know our galaxy better.
Portrait Painter ($2.99) – Add a personalized touch to your photos by turning them into paintings, with different style and color palette options.
Safety Note+ ($1.99) – Create password-protected or point-set default notes, reminders, and to-do lists, with the option to share with your PC or other iPhones and iPads.
AirDisk Pro ($1.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Store files on your iPhone and iPad and access them from your Windows PC or macOS.
Epica 2 Pro ($0.99) ( offers in-app purchases) – Add dozens of special effects and fun backgrounds to your photos.
Picture Collage ($0.99) (in-app purchase) – Create photo collages from a series of preset templates, with a variety of collage and text editing options.
Deep Sleep, Insomnia Help ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Listen to recordings to relax your body and mind, and combat the effects of insomnia.
Qoin – Expenses and Incomes ($9.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Record your daily expenses and take charge of your budget thanks to widgets on your iPhone screen.
Vector Logo Designer ($4.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Create logos from a library of shapes and editing tools, and export to different file formats.
Currently free iOS games
Dot.Line ($2.99) – Recall how some kids spent their free time on rainy days at school before cell phones, form as many squares as possible by drawing lines on the playing field;
Dream A Little Dream ($0.99) – Control a cat in a magical world and dodge clouds as it falls from the sky in this pastel clone of Flappy Birds;
Invaders Mini ($0.99) – Recall the classic Space Invaders in this clone designed for iPhone and Apple Watch;
Lootbox RPG ($0.99) – Dungeon crawler with simple graphics and gameplay, protect your kingdom by exploring dungeons, collecting items and defeating monstrous creatures;
The Last Rock Curling ($0.99) – Relive the strong emotions of a curling match, defeat your opponent taking your rock as close as possible to the target
Night Stars ($2.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Clear the playing field by eliminating groups of blocks of the same color in a familiar but still addictive formula;
Balance Stuff ($1.99) – Balance the most diverse objects without worrying about shape, color or style; just don’t let anything fall through hundreds of challenging stages;
The Most Amazing Sheep Game ($0.99) – With a (probably) exaggerated name, control a sheep in this mix of platform and rhythm game;
Shadow of Death ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Choose your hero and face monsters in a world of light and shadow (and special effects).

Well, these apps made it to this week’s list! Do bear in mind that all of these apps are only free for a short while. Hence, it is possible that by the time you read this article after it has been published, some of these suggestions would no longer be free. 

In any case, our team publishes a new version of this article every week, on Tuesday and on Friday. Have you found a bug, an application is no longer free or have some recommendations to share with us? Write us a message or leave a comment below.

What other temporarily free apps would you recommend to the NextPit community?