Free apps of the week: These 30 paid apps are free for a limited time!

You’re looking for free apps? Then you’re in luck! As always on Tuesdays, here’s our first NextPit list of the week with apps and games for Android and iOS that are temporarily free. Be sure to grab these apps and games quickly on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store while you can.

As we come to the end of a very summery week (at least here in Berlin), things are getting pretty hot in this post as well. You should check our list right away and, if necessary, also pull everything that is interesting for you on your smartphone. As always, the offers here are all free for a short time only and if you’re too late, you’ll be punished with paid apps.

As every week, here’s our reminder: install interesting apps and games even if you don’t want to use them right now. By installing them, they’re added permanently to you library. So you can delete them again and reinstall them for free whenever you need them.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for AndroidThese Android apps are currently free
ProCam X ($4.99): Exposure, focus, white balance, ISO, real-time filters and much more is offered by this photo app. But you have to be quick, because the app is only offered for free for two days instead of 5.29 euros!
QR / Barcode Scanner PRO ($2.49): Versatile scanner for QR codes and barcodes that also lets you create codes yourself. (Offer ends in two days)
Password Manager ($0.99): Well-rated (4.6 stars) password manager that can be used offline.
Unit Converter ($0.99): The name gives away what this tool does. Units are converted here in 18 categories such as masses, speed, time and much more.
SnipBack – Dictaphone Smart PRO HD ($2.99): When you start SnipBack, the smartphone listens. As soon as you press the button, the last 30 seconds are restored.
Reminder Pro ($1.99): Simply designed, well-functioning app that reminds you of all your important tasks.
Screen recorder Pro ($0.99): Versatile tool that lets you take screenshots and videos including showing where you touched the screen and more.
These Android games are currently free
The House ($0.99): Gritty and ad-free first-person shooter that’s in the horror genre.
Dead Bunker 4 Apocalypse ($0.99): First-person shooter that once again pits you against zombies.
Hills Legend: Action-horror (HD) ($0.99): Since all good things are known to come in threes, here comes another horror game from EGProject after “The House” and “Dead Bunker 4).
Sudoku Challenge ($1.99): What should not be missing on any smartphone? Exactly: A Sudoku game! Here you go!
Super Soccer Champs ($5.99): Still in soccer fever? Then here is a game that reminds me a bit of the good old Sensible Soccer.
Winterlore I ($0.99): Folklore-tinged, mystical adventure game. Not very extensive in terms of game time, but you know the gift horse thing.
Free Apps and Mobile Games for iOSThese iOS apps are currently free
Lunar Sight ($1.99): We recommended this app for moon fans a while back. It tells you the phases of the moon, the current distance to the moon and much more.
Stellar Tour – AR Stargazer ($0.99): A perfect match for the moon app, this app lets you just point your smartphone at the night sky and you’ll be rewarded with info on the stars.
Sunny Sea Ocean Sleep Sounds ($2.99): I prefer to fall asleep with radio plays or podcasts. Many others fall asleep much better with nature sounds – and this app is for them!
Voice Recorder Plus Pro ($1.99): Another voice recorder that also records or plays back in the background and is easy to use.
Flyer & Invitation Creator ($1.99): Invitations, flyers, and greeting cards – you can create them all with this app.
iColorama ($4.99): Highly rated app for editing your photos. There are tons of effects and you can also import your brushes or fonts from Photoshop.
Propfun Pro ($0.99): “The funniest app in the world,” it says in the description. That’s probably an exaggeration, but it’s enough for funny effects on your photos.
Photo Shine Pro ($3.99): Three photo-editing apps in a row? Sure, why not?
YoWindow Weather ($2,99): Nice weather app that shows you a realistic landscape on the screen with the exact current weather. If it rains outside, it rains on your iPhone.
These iOS games are currently free
Dirty Revolver ($1.99): Dirty Revolver transports you to the Wild West where you seek to avenge your family. Not as fancy as that one certain Wild West game, but what the heck, right?
Tales of the Neon Sea ($3.99): What do you get when you pair a cyberpunk story with retro graphics? That’s right, this adventure game!
Rush Runner Train Surf 3D ($0.99): Classic endless runner with a good rating and colorful candy graphics.
Drop the Chicken 2 The Circus ($0.99): You are Chuck the Chicken – fighting your way through various circus levels to capture your girlfriend in this puzzle game. Yeah, sounds weird, I know!
Cubes: Brain Teaser ($3.99): And another puzzle game. This time it’s about moving cubes. A game of the category: Easy to learn, hard to master!
Office Story ($3.99): Here you live the “rags to riches” dream again and can build your own business empire.
Winterlore I ($0.99): This adventure with mystical, folkloric touches and fine graphics takes you to Moroi Springs.
Cytus II ($1.99)(includes in-app purchases): A music game where you must unravel the events of a futuristic world where music is much more than entertainment.

So another week started, in which we want recommend you many apps and games. Again: The apps are only temporarily free, so hurry up. We would be happy if you point out apps listed here that might already cost money again – and of course we’re always grateful for your app recommendations.

If there was nothing for you today in the mix, then don’t worry. NextPit will continue to provide you with temporarily free apps and games again next Friday, so keep your eyes open.