Free apps of the week: These 30 paid apps are free for a limited time only!

Today is Tuesday and that means one thing: another list of apps and games for Android and iOS that are free for a limited time on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Don’t waste time and save money by downloading this week’s free apps on your phone or tablet.

We publish our free apps of the week lists on Tuesdays and Fridays. The goal of this article is to gather only paid apps that are free for a limited time. Therefore, some suggestions below may expire over time.

At the time of publishing this article, all the apps listed were available for free for Android and iOS.

Pro tip: If you find an interesting app in the list below, but you don’t want to use the app or game right now, please install it anyway, then remove it from your device. That way, it will be included in your library and you can install it for free in the future.

Free Android apps temporarily on the Google Play StoreFree Android productivity apps for a limited time in the Play Store
Hue Melodi ($0.99): How about automating the lights in your home to change according to the music that’s playing? Hue Melodi detects the musical tones and modifies the room colors accordingly.
Metatag Analyzer ($2.49): Attention webmasters! This productivity tool allows you to analyze your site’s meta tags and pull performance reports. How about a boost on your site’s SEO?
PDF Editor Pro ($0.99): Edit, compress, and password protect your PDF files, with options to insert images, fill forms, and even sign documents on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.
Unit Converter Pro ($0.99) (ends in 6 hours): The name of this app is self-explanatory. Units are converted into 18 different categories such as mass, speed, time and others.
Black Army Ruby ($1.49): With this icon pack you can further customize your phone’s interface. According to the community, the developer adds new icon options on a regular basis. 
Screen Recorder Pro ($0.99) (ends in 6 hours): A versatile tool that lets you take screenshots and videos, including visual indicators of where you touched the screen and more.
Fast Video Splitter for WhatsApp Status ($0.99) (contains ads): With a name that describes how it works, this app extracts 30-second snippets from your videos so that you can use them as your status update on WhatsApp.
Android games temporarily free at Play Store
Blackthorn Castle ($3.99): An adventure game in which you play as an “Adventurer” and must help your Uncle Henry to find an artifact hidden in Blackthorn Castle in England.
Sol 705 Complete Adventure ($3.99) (ends in 6 hours): This adventure game brings a series of puzzles to solve while you listen to a playlist of indie music. Fun seems to be guaranteed.
Balance Game ($0.99): This game is free for the next three days and, as the name implies, it uses balance as its central plan. The interface is pretty basic, but it can be a great pastime.
Healing Matching Puzzle ($0.99): Mix game with images of cute pets can only go right and that’s what this puzzle offers. The rating in the Android store is 4.4 stars and the comments are positive.
Archery Master Man-3D ($1.49): How about a game of archery to pass the time? With 3D graphics, this game lets you train your aim against different targets.
Legend of the Cartoon ($2.49) (contains ads and in-app purchases): Action game in which you need to collect heroes for your city facing increasingly powerful enemies.
Calc Fast ($0.99): Think fast! Solve as many mathematical equations as possible in one minute
Cooking Love Premium ($0.99) (contains ads and in-app purchases) (ends in 6 hours): To fulfill customers’ orders before they get tired of waiting is your main objective in yet another cooking game
League of Stickman ($0.99) (contains ads and in-app purchases): Almost every week, we have a Stickman game of sorts on the list and this week is no exception: Defeat your enemies amidst darkness and lots of light effects.
Bricks Breaker Pro ($3.99): Simple and easy to play, the ad-free version of Bricks Breaker is free. The goal is to break as many blocks with your ball to advance to the next level.
Wonder Knights PV ($3.49) (contains ads and in-app purchases): An “action schmup RPG” (!), this game is basically a vertical shooting game with several weapon customization possibilities.
Free iOS apps for a limited time in the App StoreFree iOS apps for a limited time at the App Store
Hue Melodi ($0.99): How about automating the lights in your house to change according to the music that’s playing? The Hue Melodi detects musical tones and modifies the colors of the environment accordingly.
Stellar Tour – AR Stargazer ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): A perfect match for the moon app, this app lets you point your iPhone at the night sky and you’ll be rewarded with information about the stars.
ONE METEO ($4.99): In the store description, the One Meteo guarantees hyper-precise global forecasts, this because source data used by sectors such as aviation.
GoodPencil ($5.99): An app designed for iPad to use in conjunction with Apple Pencil. Allows you to annotate, draw and create highlights in PDF files.
YoWindow Weather ($3.99): A beautiful weather app that shows a realistic landscape on the screen with the current weather. If it is raining outside, it will rain on your iPhone, too.
Murmur ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): Record your emotions with voice recordings in a digital voice diary.
Games temporarily free for iOS
LVL ($1.90): This puzzle game mixes 3D with 2D in a curious way and offers more than 50 custom levels and over 150 stages. The app takes up 127 MB, but it’s worth a test since it’s free of charge today.
Marbloid ($2.99): Looking for a vaporwave game that is overflowing with AESTHETICS? Then try this clone of Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball. 
Rush Runner Train Surf 3D ($1.99): A traditional endless running game that has good ratings and colorful graphics.
Tales of the Neon Sea ($4.99): What do you get when you mix a cyberpunk story with retro graphics? That’s right, this adventure game!
Dirty Revolver ($1.99) (offers in-app purchases): Dirty Revolver transports you to the Old West where you seek to avenge your family. Not as fancy as that other western shooters, but who cares when it is free, right?
Total Conversion ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): Dominate the other cells by exploiting the characteristics of each category on the field.

Okay, these are our free apps suggestions of the week! Remember that these apps are only temporarily free. So, it’s possible that when you read this article after the publishing date, some suggestions are already available again as paid apps.

In any case, our team publishes two versions of this list every week. Have you found a bug, an application is no longer free, or have some advice for us? Then write us a message or leave a comment below.