Free apps of the week: These 31 paid apps are free for a limited time only!

We have arrived at the end of another week and as usual, we have compiled a new list of apps and games that are temporarily available for free on Android and iOS in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Don’t waste any time and save some money by downloading these offers on your smartphone or tablet.

NextPit updates this list every week, so some apps may have returned to paid status if you read this article days after it was published. To check out other app lists, simply go to the apps category of the site to find the most recent list.

At the time of publication, all of the apps listed were available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. If you know of any apps that are currently free and worth a mention or have found a promotion that has ended, do let us know in the comments.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game right now, install it anyway, before uninstalling it from your device. That way, it will be included in your library and you can install it for free in the future when you need it.

Free Android apps temporarily on the Google Play StoreFree Android productivity apps for a limited time only in the Play Store
Auto Rotate Control Pro ($2.99): Set the automatic rotation option for each app on your smartphone or tablet and no longer worry about having to search for the feature’s shortcut under the device options.
Hue Melodi ($0.99) (ends on Monday, July 19): How about automating the lights in your home that change color according to the music you’re playing? The Hue Melodi detects your music rhythm and modifies the colors of the environment accordingly.
Simple Nav Bar ($0.99)(contains ads, ends on Monday, 19 July): Add additional features to the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, with action options for long taps and even changing positions.
Android games temporarily free on Play Store
The Lonely Hacker ($3.00) (ends on Sunday, 18 July): Garnering good reviews, the game puts you in the shoes of a hacker who has thousands of devices around the world to hack.
Mental Hospital III ($1.49): Get ready for scares and lots of tension in a hospital that should be all but abandoned.
Castle Defender Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and purchases): A tower defense game with mythological characters and elements to help defend your castle.
Dungeon Shooter ($1.49) (includes ads and purchases): A first-person shooter game with RPG elements, as you explore tombs in search of treasure.
Ruby Square ($0.99) (includes ads and purchases): A 2D magic cube with different difficulty levels, great for puzzle and logic fans.
Soul Warrior Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and purchases): Choose your character and embark on a journey against evil. Just be careful with in-app purchases as it is all too easy to rack them up.
Stickman Ghost Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and purchases): Another game starring the stickman, where this time you fight against all kinds of creatures while trying to upgrade your equipment.
Zombie Age 3 Premium ($0.99) (includes ads and purchases): Thought we would miss a game with zombies this week? Well, ZA3P is the free game of the week where you need to survive hordes of attacking undead, controlling characters that are curiously similar to Batman, Bruce Lee, and other popular pop culture icons.
Blackthorn Castle ($3.99): An adventure game in which you play the role of an “Adventurer” and must help your Uncle Henry find an artifact hidden in Blackthorn Castle, England. Want to know more?
Free iOS apps for a limited time only in the App StoreFree iOS apps for a limited time at the App Store
Fonts ($1.99): Install new fonts on your iPhone or iPad to give your Pages, Word, PowerPoint or Keynote documents a personalized touch.
Kintsugi ($19.99): Develop your self-awareness by recording voice notes.
OrasisHD ($1.99): Sounds too good to be true, this app uses a proprietary image processing algorithm and promises HDR photos with just one exposure.
Start Here ($1.99): Make quick edits to videos for social media use, using the most interesting parts to grab your followers’ attention.
Stream Music Player ($1.99): Access and listen to your music stored in cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others.
Tiny Orchestra ($2.99): Is this an application or a game? Build your own orchestra, and learn to tell the difference in sound between different instruments, all with charming graphics.
Rain Radar ($2.49) (offers in-app purchases): Track the movement of clouds and storms, with radar images across various regions of the planet.
Hue Melodi ($0.99): How about automating your house lights to change according to the music you’re playing? The Hue Melodi detects musical rhythms and modifies the colors of the environment accordingly.
ONE METEO ($2.49): The One Meteo app claims to guarantee extremely precise global forecasts as the source data is also used by different sectors such as aviation.
Stellar Tour – AR Stargazer ($2.49) (offers in-app purchases): This app lets you point your smartphone at the night sky and you’ll be rewarded with information about the stars and constellations.
YoWindow Weather ($1.49): Nice weather app that depicts a realistic landscape on your screen with the exact weather conditions outside. If it is raining outside, it will also rain on your iPhone.
Murmur ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): Record your emotions with voice recordings in a digital diary.
Games that are temporarily free on iOS
Digital Dog ($1.99): Adopt a virtual dog, care, feed, and even walk (for real, using the device in the real world), perfect for those who need some motivation to exercise a little.
Traffic Brains ($1.99): Basically a Traffic Light simulator that lets you manage the traffic lights programming to control the flow of vehicles in increasingly complex stages.
Super Lumberjack ($0.99): WTF suggestion of the week! Control a lumberjack (who is apparently naked) in a mission to collect firewood and not kill the evil rabbits (???).
Night Stars ($1.99) (offers in-app purchases): Eliminate blocks from the playing field, with the option to play under pressure with a time limit or not.
Cooking Kawaii ($0.99) (offers in-app purchases): Manage (and a whole lot more) a kitchen, taking in customer orders on time while learning dozens of recipes from different countries.
LVL ($1.99): This puzzle mixes both 3D with 2D elements in a curious manner and offers more than 50 custom levels and over 150 stages. The app takes up 127 MB of storage space, but it’s worth checking out since it costs you nothing (for now).
Rush Runner Train Surf 3D ($9.99): A traditional endless runner game with good ratings and colorful graphics.

Well, this is the list for the weekend! Remember that these apps are only free on a temporary basis. So, it’s possible that by the time you read this article it has been published, some suggestions would have been listed as paid once again. 

Anyway, our team publishes two versions of the list every week. Have you found a bug, an application is no longer free, or have some recommendations for us? Then write us a message or leave a comment below.