Free instead of $2.29: Download this app and don’t miss deadlines

Reminder Pro is the kind of app that saves deadlines, especially for those with a busy schedule. Simple and intuitive, Reminder Pro usually costs $2.29, but it’s available for free today.


The app is available free for Android today only.
Reminder Pro contains no ads or in-app purchases.
The app has a 4.4 star rating with over 1,000 reviews on the Play Store.

This week, we have already recommended a calendar app that focuses on organizing your week, and today we continue in that path. If your schedule is full of appointments or you simply like to respect deadlines, Reminder Pro is a very functional option to optimize your productivity.

Why is Reminder Pro worth downloading?

It’s obvious from the title that Reminder Pro is a tool that allows you to add reminders and deadlines. The way this service works is directly linked to the fact that it sends notifications. By adding a reminder, you can set it as a recurring event, add an anticipated alarm and, when you receive the notification of the event, you can put the alarm in snooze mode.

The service has a widget that allows a quick view of your reminders. The user interface is clean and intuitive, without a lot of beating around the bush, after all the app’s intention is to optimize your life.

Reminder Pro offers a feature that I found very interesting: the possibility of deactivating the sending of notifications when you don’t want to be interrupted. This way, using a star system, you can suspend the notifications for predefined times. Besides, the app offers dark mode and varied customization possibilities.

Reminder Pro’s interface is simple and intuitive. / © NextPit

Does the Reminder Pro app respect your personal data?

Reminder Pro is developed by the company Made Easy, and on its privacy policy page it informs you that it collects personal data in its services, such as email address, cookies and usage data.

The company explains that the use of cookies is optional and when allowed, the information is anonymous. Usage data may include information such as IP address, browser type, the pages of the service that have been visited, mobile device type, mobile device ID and mobile phone operating system for example.

The Exodus privacy tool, on the other hand,did not detect any usage trackers. In addition, the app requests two special access permissions: to read and to modify the external memory of the device. In total, the app asks for eight system permissions.

What did you think of Reminder Pro and does this type of app interest you? Share your opinion in the comments below!