New renders show what the Galaxy S22 Ultra will look like

A new set of renders for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appeared on Twitter, showing a different camera design than the one previously rumoured. Let’s check it out.


The new renders feature a vertical camera design.
They are based on rumours from a famous leaker account.
The announcement date of the device and the price remain unknown.

Samsung may be taking distance from the beloved Note series, but that still leaves a big chunk of the flagship market free. There is no way the company is going to offer this portion of consumers to competitors. This is the main concept fuelling the rumour mill for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Most information about the device is still unknown, including the launch date and the price, but at least leakers are teaming up with renderers to help our imagination.

It is important to point that these are just speculative renders of what the device may look like, but we hope that more information will become available in the Samsung Unpacked 2 at October 20th. So, without further delay here are the new renders.

We need more burgundy devices! / © Technizo Concept / LETSGO DIGITAL

Pretty right? That’s exactly what we thought too when first looking at it. On a second inspection we want you to take a look at the cameras. The previously rumoured design featured a P-shaped camera bump that reminded us of aircraft carriers. Yes, that design may have been appropriate for the upcoming flagship — pardon the pun —, but that rumour has been questioned by the major Chinese telecom leaker Ice Universe.

Instead, the account rumours that the device is going to have a two camera islands design, closer to that of the eclipsed Note series. In a relevant tweet, it speculates that the device is getting a burgundy variant. In response, renderers from Technizo Concept and LETSGO DIGITAL made a concept trailer and renders demonstrating the design.

What else is going on in the rumour mill

If you’re not satisfied from these renders we have a bit more information to share with you. The new S22 is expected to feature a powerful Exynos chip, that is also rumoured to feature the latest RDNA-2 graphics architecture from AMD, the same that powers the new Playstation 5 and XBox series X We can safely assume that, the new chip will also find itself in the Ultra device, and information about the current Exynos 2100 being able to theoretically drive a 200 MP camera is making people even more excited.

The most concrete information we have until now is the size, which is said to be at around 6.8 inches for the S22 Ultra, 6.06 for the S22 and 6.7 for the S22+ variant. Which makes the entire lineup just a bit smaller than their S21 counterparts. 

Concerning the camera, the same leaker has “confirmed” previous rumours about a partnership between Olympus and Samsung for the Galaxy S22 so we are thrilled to see how this will turn out.

What do you think? Would you buy a burgundy colored phone?