Free instead of $1.99: This summing app will make your shopping much easier!

Today’s free iOS app is a godsend gift to me. Easy Sum lets you make simple calculations faster than ever. If you have ever struggled with remembering how much money you will have to pay at the counter while browsing a store, then this app is right for you!


Easy Sum is free for a limited time on the App Store.
It normally costs $1.99.
It helps users make simple price additions to make shopping easier.

I have to admit something. I have horrible numerical memory. Whether we are talking about large numbers like phones, tax registry numbers or small numbers, like dates or addresses, everything disappears from my brain at Dory speeds. Add to this any kind of processing, and you have an imminent disaster in your hands. Even a simple subtraction can cause a lot of frustration. 

The app I have for you today can be a lifesaver for anyone who has similar struggles with numbers, since it basically allows you to shop without having to remember the sum price of what you have to pay every time you add something to your cart.

Why should you choose Easy Sum?

Easy VAT calculations! / © NextPit

Easy Sum is very simple. It allows you to quickly make all the necessary calculations for shopping, so it can be described as a shopping list and calculator hybrid.

What makes it stand apart, is the speed at which you can modify your list. You don’t need to add names like you would in a typical shopping list app, you simply add the price, and it modifies the sum while also saving it in order. Then, if you require taking something out, you simply tap on the appropriate button and the selected price is automatically subtracted from the sum until you turn it back on again. 

So if you are approaching the top of your budget, all you have to do is toggle the prices of the items you would be okay leaving behind and seeing how your sum would look without them. This allows for quickly taking decisions or simply keeping track of the amount you will have to spend in the end without having to remember exactly what everything costs.

What is really convenient is the overall design. It is really intuitive, with easy to navigate menus that make the experience so much easier. Oh, and the app can be set to automatically calculate VAT which saves you from the extra calculations. 

Does Easy Sum respect my privacy?

Easy Sum is developed by the Deja Works, a UK based developer. In the privacy policy, the developer mentions that it does not collect any data other than crash analytics.

The app requires no account to function and has no ads, and requires no internet connection to run, so basically the app is as clean as it can get!

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