iOS 16: These old iPhones are rumored to not be updated

If you’re reading this article on an older iPhone, you may have to look for a successor next year. According to rumors, Apple will end the update support of some popular models in 2022. In the process, the update to iOS 16 should already no longer find its way onto the affected models.


According to rumors, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE (1st generation) will not receive any updates from 2022 onwards.
Critical here is the A9 and A9X chip, which Apple is withdrawing support for.
Some iPad models will also fall out of the update cycle.

A French tech blog claims to have obtained information about the devices that will get the update to iOS 16. Apple’s next major operating system update is expected to be released in October 2022 – at least if Apple keeps the update cycle from past iOS versions So according to the rumors, the following iPhone models will not receive the annual update:

The first iPhone SE is also rumored to no longer get an update to iOS 16! / © NextPit

iOS 15 was released to the same models iOS 14 was compatible with, without cutting support for past iPhones. The site 9to5Mac suspects the reason for the removal is the fact that all three models are equipped with the A9 SoC. Based on this, some iPad models could also be stuck with iPadOS 15.

Some iPad models will probably remain on iOS 15

Apple uses its powerful mobile processors not only in its own smartphones. For example, the latest iPad mini offers similar performance to the latest iPad Pro and more processing power than the 9th generation iPad, which is equipped with Apple’s A13 Bionic. So by excluding the A9-generation processors, the following iPad models would not get an update to iPadOS 16:

Apple iPad Mini 4 (2015)
Apple iPad Air 2 (2014)
Apple iPad 5 (2017)
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9 (2015)

Before starting looking for a new iPhone or iPad: The information mentioned is still a rumor. So take it with a grain of salt until the official listing of the software support from Apple. We are expected to find out about these at WWDC 2022. Apple’s developer conference traditionally takes place on July. Furthermore, the end of support does not yet mean that the affected models will become unsafe.

That’s because, as 9to5Mac explains, Apple has laid out plans to guarantee security updates for longer. In the process, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would still get security patches for iOS 15 in the coming years.

Do you use one of the mentioned models? And what do you think about the supposed end of support for the older iPhones and iPads? Let me know in the comments!