Samsung to Fix the ‘Boring’ Galaxy S24 Displays in a New Update

While the Samsung Galaxy S24 series are considered exceptional refinements to the Galaxy S23, they don’t come without shortcomings. One of the gripes by early users was the bland display output on these devices even with vivid mode enabled. Samsung confirmed it was its intention to keep the vivid profile looking more natural. But of course, this alone wouldn’t suffice everyone. Instead, it is now reported that an upcoming update will add options to boost the Galaxy S24’s display colors by a few notches.

Samsung to add a new display profile control on the Galaxy S24

Reliable leaker Ice Universe has shared on X that Samsung is planning to release an update that would give Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra (review) users more control on how the AMOLED screen would look on their devices. The account stated that the firmware will add a slider to control the “vividness” on the Galaxy S24 (review) and Galaxy S24 Ultra displays.

The new settings would basically put the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display panels on par with the previous Galaxy flagships according to the tipster. Particularly, it was described that the first higher level will produce comparable colors as the Galaxy S23 Ultra while the next step would set it on the level of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra from the front on the table
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a beautiful AMOLED display with improved anti-glare layer — there’s no other way to put it. / © nextpit

It’s unclear when we can expect the mentioned software update hitting the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra models. However, it’s likely the needed fix and enhancement would come as early as this month and may be tagged with the February security patches as still part of One UI 6.1. Keep in mind we’re speculating here, though.

But regardless of this important addition, the Galaxy S24 trio already comes with notable display upgrades. For starters, the display panels on the base models feature a wider granular refresh rate levels on top of being brighter than their predecessors. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, on the other hand, also received a flat, brighter, and more glare-resistant panel.

In your case, which color profile do you prefer using on your handset? Do you think the upcoming extra “vividness” is a useful option, or it is just too much? We’re eager to hear your thoughts in the comments.